Frequently Asked Questions2019-11-04T16:00:43+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain a bit about the culture and history? What can we expect?2019-11-04T15:56:34+00:00

Mexico, and especially this area, can be a very contradictory country. Often you can see very luxurious and first quality resorts that may create expectations, expectations that, unfortunately, are often misunderstood. It is very important that tourists understand the real Mexican culture.

Quintana Roo is a very new state, before it was a free territory, populated with only a few Indians who had no idea about life outside their territory. Mexico wanted this free territory to become part of Mexico. To achieve this it needed to have a minimum number of citizens. This is when they decided to create the Mega Resort of Cancun as an international destination, in order to have the population necessary to create Quintana Roo, a Mexican state.

The Mayans who lived here years ago, became conquered a second time and got to know what a “civilization” is. Again, they lost their lands, got invaded by people, buildings, roads, and what’s worse… in order to survive they had to adapt to this world.

Until that moment, Mayans did not have to worry about much. The land was rich, so they cultivated what they needed, exchanged merchandise (without currency), used plants not only as food but as medicine, lived in palapa huts and lead a very tranquil life.

Now, many are living in very busy villages, with industries, concrete houses, roads, cars, paying taxes and working for non-motivating salaries. Having to go to a work place for eight to ten hours, be punctual and work fast is a cultural shock for many native people. Thus, local businesses might have a hard time finding enough employees that have adapted to the new society work ethics.

Remember that while arriving to this area you will be experiencing a mix of cultures (natives, Mexicans from other States and even foreigners that made their home here). Please be patient and enjoy all these different cultures of the area.
Simply slow down and enjoy your vacation in this relaxed environment!!

Is the linen changed regularly? Is there maid service?2019-11-04T15:56:10+00:00

We always try to offer the maid service three times per week, every second day except Sundays and Mexican holy days. The linen will be changed then. Although, because of the cultural reasons explained above, we might find ourselves in the difficult situation of suddenly having no maid. If this is the case, be sure we will try to solve it as soon as possible. Nevertheless, in each apartment you can find the necessary tools to clean it (broom, mop, cube, scourers, detergent, etc.). We would provide you clean towels and sheets every second day or, if you prefer, the laundry key to wash and change it at your convenient time.

How many beds are in the apartments and is there a maximum of people per apartment?2019-11-04T16:05:03+00:00

In the two-bedroom apartments there is a king or a queen size bed in one bedroom and a double and a single bed in the other bedroom, which means that there is capacity for a maximum of five people. In the one-bedroom apartments there is a double and a single bed in the bedroom, which means that there is capacity for a maximum of three people.

Are there insects in the apartment or any dangerous animals around?2019-11-04T16:06:27+00:00

The apartments are clean and we fumigate often. However, we are in the middle of the nature and although all the windows have screens it is common to find sometimes insects coming to pay a visit (ants, lizards, night butterflies, etc.)

There is no dangerous animal in the zone. The most impressive for tourist is to find wasp’s nests around the place (they have never bitten us), to see a snake (they are not poisonous and they would never attack you), to see a scorpion (they are blind, live hidden in the stones and only get out at night — if they bite you because you step on them it wouldn’t be more painful than a bee bite), or find an iguana sunbathing in the middle of the path (they are very quiet animals and are not poisonous). All this might be impressive for you if you are not used to live in the country, but there is no dangerous animal here and they would never attack you if you don’t attack them first. It is important to respect the nature as it is.

Is there hot and cold water in the apartments? Can we drink it?2019-11-04T16:07:41+00:00

There is cold and hot water in the apartments. You can perfectly use it to cook and brush your teeth. Also, if you need purified water we can provide you 20 liter bottles.

Is there air-conditioning in the rooms? Does it get very hot?2019-11-04T16:09:01+00:00

There is no air-conditioning in the apartments, only a fan in each room. All the apartments have big windows and usually there is a nice breeze.

The average temperature is 30C° all year round. The temperature is not very high. In fact what makes you feel hot is the humidity.

If you come from a cold winter, it will take you a couple of days to get adapted to the change.

What is the difference between the upstairs and downstairs apartments?2019-11-04T16:10:05+00:00

The apartments inside are exactly the same. The only difference is the view. Upstairs there is an ocean view and downstairs a garden view. Also, the upstairs terraces are a bit more private.

When do we have to check in and out?2019-11-04T16:11:03+00:00

The check out time is at 12:00 pm.

The check in time is at 3:00 pm (we need about three hours to clean the apartment from the previous client), but if you come before that time and the apartment is available you can check in, otherwise you can leave your luggage with us and enjoy the palapa and pool or just have a walk exploring the surroundings.

Is the price per apartment or per person?2019-11-04T16:12:08+00:00

The price is per apartment, not per person, although you cannot exceed the limit of five people for the two-bedroom apartment and three people for the one-bedroom.

How big and deep is the pool?2019-11-04T16:12:59+00:00

It is 10 x 8 meters (33 x 26 feet). Its depth goes from 0.8 m (2.6 feet) to 1.6 m (5.30 feet).

Can we use the palapa for group activities (yoga, meals, children’s games, etc.)?2019-11-04T16:17:11+00:00

The palapa is for you to enjoy. The perfect place to relax, meet your friends and other guests, make group activities and even organize a party!! Also, you can use the barbecue, cook and eat there.

Is there a place to park any transportation we rent and what kind of transportation can we rent?2019-11-04T16:24:16+00:00

There is a lot of space and it is perfectly safe that you park on the street or in the garage. Our street has no way out. Therefore, there is no people or car traffic (only neighbors).

The island is very small and if you like to exercise walking is a good option to explore it. Also, you can rent bikes, mopeds and golf carts (yes, you can drive them on the road). The rates can vary depending on how long you rent it, the season and the shop. The best is that you shop around and bargain a bit once you arrive.

How much does the taxi cost from the villas to downtown?2019-11-04T16:25:58+00:00

The taxi ride from side to side of the island costs about 100 pesos, tips are not expected.

Where is the closest beach?2019-11-04T16:27:01+00:00

The closest beach is just across the street from our property.
If you take the East side (Caribbean side), you will find a path that will take you along the beaches. The beaches there are very private, small sand areas, caves, a bit rocky but not sharp, lots of shells and a gorgeous view all the way along to the South point of the island, where you can find the ruins of the Mayan Temple.

Turning back taking the West side (Cancun side), you will find the Natural Park “El Garrafón”, the only near-shore snorkel area on the island. From there on, you will keep finding many beaches, big and small, some very private and others with services (restaurant, chairs, sharks, turtles, etc.). The water in this side of the island has some sea grass, but it is not dangerous to step on it.

The biggest, nicest, but also most crowed beach on the island is North Beach (downtown).

There are many very different beaches on the island. Explore and enjoy the variety!

What about grocery stores?2019-11-04T16:29:28+00:00

On the way to downtown you will find, only a couple minutes walking from here, a mini-super. Also, if you walk (15 min.) to the “colonia” (neighborhood) you will find many small grocery stores and an open market that is open in the mornings. Closer to downtown is the island’s largest supermarket Chedraui. Downtown there are more stores, a supermarket and a market, too.

Are there restaurants nearby?2019-11-04T16:32:39+00:00

There are several restaurants nearby. One of them is outside and offers economic local food with the specialization of sea food (day time), it is located a couple of minutes walking to the South. Just a few steps further, there is the Natural Park “El Garrafón”, you don’t need to pay an entrance to use its restaurant, it is comfortable and has a nice view (open from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm). The other two restaurants are located a couple of minutes walking to the North, they are at the beach and offer a great sunset view (open from 5:00 pm to 10:30 pm).

You will also find many other restaurants downtown, where you can enjoy regional specialties (we suggest you to go to “Restaurant Arriba”), to the most sophisticated international cuisine.

Where can I make phone calls, send a postcard, fax, or an email?2019-11-04T16:34:16+00:00

We will be pleased to take phone messages, faxes, or print e-mails for you.

If you need to make a phone call, the nearest phone box is at the Natural Park entrance. There are also many phone houses downtown.
If you need to send a fax or a telegram you can do it in the Telegraph office, located downtown, next to the market and near to North Beach.

You can send and receive letters and postcards in the Post Office. Stamps are sold there. To receive a letter, ask for the mail list, it is usually on the desk. There you will find a list of names from people who have no permanent address and have received mail, if your name is there, tell it to the postman, and with an identification they will give you your mail. The Post Office is located next to the Telegraph Office.

It is much easier to send or receive e-mails. There are lots of internet cafes downtown.